Clinical Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a beautiful holistic treatment focusing on the feet and lower legs. Your 60 minute treatment involves stimulation and deep massage of the reflex/pressure points in your feet through a prescribed technique to holistically cover all areas of the body. This non-intrusive soothing therapy gently relaxes you, aiding your body to re-boot and restore you to balance.

Reflexology is holistic in nature and treats the whole person. Reflexology is renowned for stimulating the nervous system (parasympathetic), increasing blood circulation and supporting the lymphatic system to flow. People tend to feel an improved sense of health & wellbeing and may find an improvement in their presenting condition. Regular treatments are encouraged to enhance the overall wellness so you can see and feel the difference.

There are a range of conditions people are presenting with these days and clinical reflexology has been rewarding for the recipient, calming the nervous system and stimulating blood flow are primary focus areas of the following conditions:

  • Anxiety when dealing with acute conditions or chronic illness
  • Stress and tension from physical or emotional imbalances
  • Headaches & migraine
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disorders & insomnia
  • Digestive & IBS disorders
  • Circulatory & nervous system problems
  • Back/neck pain & sciatica
  • Joint Pain
  • Degenerative disorders
  • Toxin build up & lymphatic drainage (excellent for Long Covid recovery)

All treatments aim to aid relaxation, improve circulation, relax the nervous system and support your wellness.

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Mindful Foot Reflexology


Payment can be made on the day with me by cash or card (credit/debit), or simply when booking online and paying with your card.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that a cancellation policy applies for treatment appointments that are cancelled under 48 hours. Please appreciate the fact that I need time to replace your cancelled appointment, so contact me asap for your cancellation. Under 48 hours cancellation will incur a charge of 50% of your full treatment. Under 24 hours cancellation will incur a charge of 100% of your full treatment. No shows will no longer be able to book online and will need to pre-pay future appointments.