Some light reading...

It’s so wonderful to be making a fresh new comeback!

So it’s a very good time to put out my newsletter to my loyal followers and lovers of reflexology. I am so pleased to hear the announcement that Hayley Vine Reflexology can open its doors once again on Wednesday 2 December. I was a bit nervous with working from home, if that would be declined, however I have taken guidance from my association Association of Reflexology and they have been delighted to confirm that reflexology has the green light in all aspects over all tiers! Such a relief to have had this approval.

Now we are well into the COVID-19 pandemic now and adapting to our new normal, WELLNESS has never been more important in our lives this year and it will continue into 2021 and beyond. Whether it’s protecting ourselves & others, recovering from illness or finding a way to support the healing journey within yourself.

A lot of us with have OUR WELLBEING at the forefront of our minds and just like you I am looking forward to the treatments I seek out to help me feel more balanced in my mind, spirit, physical, and energetic body.

I feel so fortunate to be able to offer reflexology treatments for wellbeing to everyone and anyone.

New Normal!

Although quarantine isn’t going to last forever, life as we know it will change. This may be a very scary or very uncomfortable time for you. Faced with new routines, challenges and the invitation to get comfortable in the unknown, you may feel as though your whole world has been turned upside down. And on top of that, it’s never been more important to care for your physical and energetic health than now.

I can assure you I have this covered. As part of the Association of Reflexologists we have been guided to adhere to the strict government guidelines that match our style of working and environment. I really commend AoR for their amazing support, pristine attention to detail in the guidelines and correspondence to all AoR reflexologists. Without their guidance through this minefield of red tape I would have been a bit lost with my procedures!

So at HVR I adhere to the following guidelines for you and for myself to ensure we are both safe before, during and after your treatment.

Two days prior to appointment – I will contact you via text or email to confirm your appointment and risk assess you. This is a simple online form I have made, that once filled in is emailed to me to confirm your health status. If anything changes to your health or anyone in your household after completing the risk assessment please contact me immediately to rearrange your appointment.

Arrival to your appointment – Before you leave home, please if you need to use your bathroom. You need to wear your mask at all times and allow me to open and close the doors for you. I have supplied both access to hot water and soap and sanitiser and will guide you to cleanse your hands. Please take your coat off and be seated. Welcome.

During your treatment – The massage couch has been sanitised for you and changed in between every client, so please be rest assured there is no cross contamination of any kind. If I am working on your feet, you will need to keep your mask on. I will also be wearing my mask throughout and a visor. If you are having facial reflexology I will let you know when you can take your mask off.  

Post treatment – Please I ask that you wash your hands or sanitise immediately after your reflexology treatment. Please pay by card if you can, I do have a card machine for transactions. Reflexology often moves a lot of toxins the next day and sometimes you can feel a bit ‘off’, headachy etc. Do not worry, this is normal.

Please feel assured that my cleaning of the linens, table/chair, uniform and all products have been sanitised before arrival and after your departure with approved medical grade cleaner.
Looking after you in the best way I can to ensure your wellbeing.

New Location!

So I am also thrilled to announce I have confirmed a new Marlow location. Firstly,

The Marlow Club – Marlow  – From Thursday 3 December I will be working on Tuesdays and Thursday from the Marlow Club clinics. I am so thrilled to move into here and settle for the long term. It’s been much awaited for myself and my loyal followers, and I can’t wait to welcome you all to the Marlow Club. There is free parking and beautiful amenities inside. The team have built an excellent one way system and it’s a great opportunity to see the gym but also pass through the Lounge cafe on your way out as well.

Steeple Claydon – Buckingham – Open from Wednesday 2 October, I operate from my spare room at home as a treatment room. I am based in Steeple Claydon, Buckinghamshire and its a pleasure to open my doors to another area in Bucks. Welcome to those who have joined my email list. I am operating Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday from home. I am hoping in the Spring we will be building our log cabin for reflexology in the back garden. This will be a lovely space to create for you all. There will be a separate entrance from the home so you can enter safely.

So there you go, a slightly long but informative newsletter with many exciting new things happening! I hope you enjoy everything I offer to you with my heart and drop me a line if you want anything – chat, sarcasm, gin tips, foot rubs or tropic products. I’m here for you xx