Some light reading...

It’s a New Year and I hope you are feeling good!

Well here we go again! It may well feel like not much has changed as most of us are still in Tier 4 or lockdown and our lives are once again on hold. Let’s wish that this is the final large lockdown and we start to see this wave disappear in the near future.

I’m spending my time very quietly at home, I’m a little bored, but there is plenty to do now the holiday season is over.

I am fast approaching my 5 year anniversary as a resident of the UK and with that anniversary means my UK Ancestry Visa is due to expire. Fortunately, I can renew my visa in 5 year blocks (thank you Nana for being a UK citizen and my favourite scotswoman for this privilege). I also have the option after 5 years of living and working here to apply for settlement and with that offer that is the route I am heading down.

So, I am booked for my ‘Life in the UK’ test on 23 January. 24 questions about the UK and a 75% pass mark required. Then its compiling all of the paperwork to prove my worth to the UK by mid March and await the decision (over a 6 month period) if I am granted settlement.

I wonder what questions they will ask me?

I will let you know next time I see you, I am sure there will be at least one curve ball question!

In the meantime beautiful people I have written some info below about facial reflexology and something else I am doing for a great cause. Not only a great cause, but it’s keeping me motivated and healthy throughout January.

Take care, be safe and always know it is a pleasure to be of service to you all. Sending you lots of love and kind wishes for the New Year ahead.

Hayley xxx

Self Care Facial Reflexology from Ziggie Bergman

The majority of my facial reflexology training has come from Ziggie Bergman. Founder of the Zone Face Lift in London, reflexologist to the stars.

She has kindly forwarded all past students these thumbnails so you can self-practice at home if you need some relief. Grab yourself a cup of tea, pop your feet up and use your index finger to slowly circle on these points. Circle for 10-20 times with a pressure that suits you. These are short and easy to do and you will notice a calming difference.

Let me know how you get on x

‘Run the month’ for Prostate Cancer

So, I am dabbling in some running! I used to run all the time and have completed two half marathons back when I lived in NZ. The marathon I used to compete in ran through 6 vineyards in the wine county of NZ and yes you got a bottle of wine at the end!!

When I first arrived in the UK in 2016, I unfortunately ended up in hospital with DVT from the long haul flight and for the majority of these years I have not been able to run. Since DVT struck, running has been a major challenge for me and I generally stop due to the pain.

But I seem to be managing ok now with 2-3 miles at a time. So my partner and I have teamed up with the ‘Run the month’ for Prostate Cancer and we are running an accumulated marathon each. My father is a survivor of prostate cancer, so this has a lot of meaning for me.

So, your kind words will be most appreciated as I motivate myself through January. We also have a donation page for prostate cancer and I will pop the link below. Any donation of a £1 or more we are deeply grateful.

Hope to see you all soon, Hayley xx

To donate to our fund, click here