Facial Reflexology

Trained by Ziggie Bergman, reflexologist to the stars in London, this facial reflexology treatment brings unique benefits. A little like acupuncture without the needles or what is now considered the new botox. Using hands and Gua Sha tools, this nourishing treatment can lift the mood, promoting a sense of wellbeing and showing visible improvements to the complexion. You will come away with a beautiful glow. Facial reflexology is a relaxing 40-60 minute treatment using acupressure points and tools to enhance and relax the face and body. Focusing on releasing tension and stress in the face, neck and entire body.

  • Relieving the effects of stress
  • Improve circulation to the face and head area
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Relieve tension in the muscle tissue
  • Relieve mental strain and improve concentration
  • Relieve sinusitis/congestion
  • Rejuvenating for the skin, leaving the face glowing and radiant

Online Self Health Facial Reflexology and Gua Sha Treatments

With the current situation of lockdown, I am now offering my facial reflexology online as a self care ritual for you to perform on yourself at home. You can learn online with me specific acupressure points using your hands and/or a Gua Sha tool. Sessions are 40 mins or 1 hour and consist of:

  • A consultation
  • The benefits of facial reflexology
  • Face care preparation for a treatment
  • Specific reflexes on the face mapped
  • Specific conditions to self treat: Insomnia, Sinusitis/allergies, Headaches, Menopause
  • Stress reduction
  • Use of a Gua Sha tool or a crystal roller
  • Aftercare

All sessions take place on zoom and are really informative and fun. You can come along one to one or as a group. Please use the ‘Contact’ form to enquire and book in. x

  • 40 mins session – £20
  • 1 hour – £25
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40 minutes – £40.00 (currently online only £20)
60 minutes – £50.00 (currently online only £25)

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Cancellation Policy

Please note that a cancellation policy applies for treatment appointments that are cancelled under 24 hours. Please contact me asap for your cancellation. Under 24 hours cancellation will incur a charge of your full treatment.