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Welcome back to the HVR newsletter – July 2019

It has been a very busy month at HVR! There’s been a huge influx of clients new and loyal and I wanted to thank everyone so much for being a part of my growing business! I absolutely love it and love being a part of your wellbeing. 

The most favoured treatment this month is the combination facial reflexology/foot reflexology treatments. Either 60 minutes (30 mins face, 30 mins feet), or some are now booking an extra special treat of 30 mins face, 60 mins feet! How luxurious!

I have noticed that clients are feeling hot, bothered, swollen and itchy from the current summer climate. Hayfever this season has been at an all time high, with people blocked up for longer than usual. 

The facial treatments are customised for you and focused around the sinus pressure points on the face and scalp. This can have an instant release and breathing becomes instantly more relaxed and open. Followed by a foot treatment which is focused again on the sinus pressure points and I intuitively massage the other areas of your feet that need some balance. 

If you’d love to book a treatment please click here to enquire.

Hayfever Roller Balls

Alongside my facial treatments which have been brilliant for the effects of hayfever symptoms (plus you look glowing aftewards too!) I have small roller balls with essential oils blended to combat hayfever. They simply contain a carrier oil and four essential oils to support your symptoms. 100% natural and organic. 

Contact me here if you would like to enquire about a roller ball. 

Do you suffer from Self-Care overwhelm?

If you missed my latest blog, you can find it here. A small article on finding balance in a world full of self-care rituals. Self-care is so important in balancing a world full of busy lives, running around and burning out. However, overindulging in self-care can lead to overwhelm, overall confusion and feeling no different to burn out felt when stressed. 

Loyalty Cards

From 1 June 2019 I am now offering loyalty cards to all valued clients.
As a reward for your loyalty to your own wellbeing your 6th treatment with me will be half price! 

That’s 5 treatment and receive your 6th treatment half price!
Just another way to support you on your wellbeing self care journey. x

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