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Obstacles are detours in the right direction

Did you know it took me 8 years to qualify as a reflexologist?

I started my training in 2010 in NZ, I firstly started with Anatomy & Physiology to see how I felt about studying again before committing to the reflexology study. 6 months into my study my hometown was struck by a series of earthquakes that changed our lives. I still studied but when I sat an exam through an aftershock I thought, ‘ok maybe the time isn’t right now, I have other priorities’.

I went back to the ‘new normal’ of my life post earthquake and not a qualified reflexologist. 

2014, I tried again after meeting a reflexology training school owner in Sheffield (I moved here in Nov 2013), but circumstances blocked me for the meantime. 

2015 I tampered with the idea again, but life got in the way.

Then 2017 rolled around, I was a stressed out teacher working so much I had lost my way. I wasn’t sleeping, I was depressed and lonely, I felt chained to my role, overworked and I got to a point I couldn’t put one thought in front of the other. I decided to take the plunge at attempting this dream once more. I quit my job and vowed never to return to teaching again, I found some work that would be balanced whilst I studied. I signed up with the training school I found in Sheffield and I worked hard for the entire year to succeed in my qualification. 

It was hard work, but the shift I made was enormous. I changed my entire life by myself to achieve my dream. I made new friends, I advertised for case studies then made more friends. I found the place I felt I belonged for the first time in the UK and made it my home. I graduated and opened my business, found love and community. 

Dreams don’t always come easy, they take patience, work, commitment and a desire to never let that dream go.

Those blocks could have stopped me, but those obstacles were detours in the right direction. I grew as I grew closer to my dream and I continue to grow with the love I bring to my dream. 

Never let anything get in the way of achieving your dream, time and patience will lead the way.

Behind every reflexologist there is a story and I’m proud of my journey to achieve my dream. xxx