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Reflect – Recalibrate – Renew

The month has flown by and it has been a busy hive at Springwell Clinic since my last newsletter. Lots of reflexology treatments and new and loyal clients flowing through the doors. 

I’ve really noticed a change with August and how people are thinking and taking action with their health and wellness. It seems a lot are REFLECTING on where they are in life, the habits they have and the limiting beliefs they have been holding onto. There’s been a lot of talk this month in and out of the treatment room about making positive changes and a shift away from the old stale life that is making people feel stuck. 

There’s a real sense of RECALIBRATION going on within many. How can I change this cycle? How can I lose the weight I want to lose? How can I cleanse my liver/body to feel revitalised again? We’re expressing our desire to shift and to want a shake up for the better. To shake heaviness from our bodies, minds and spirit. It’s wonderful hearing the journeys people want to take and to be that bridge for them to step closer to the vision they have for themselves.

Reflexology is perfect for the journey to RENEWAL by stimulating and relaxing your nervous system allowing you the space to sit and feel what you need for you. To feel encouraged to take the next step towards a goal, towards health or towards a healing step that has been hard for you. 

It has been a fabulous month to listen and support everyone’s journeys. It has been a month that even I myself have been REFLECTING – RECALIBRATING – RENEWING . Making positive changes to my life personally and professionally. 

Bergman Method Facial Reflexology

There has been a lot of interest in the facial reflexology treatments I have been giving over the last 2-3 months. Therefore I have decided to up skill and enrol to train in advanced facial reflexology with the fabulous Ziggie Bergman known as the ‘reflexologist to the stars’. Which will then lead onto the Zone Face Lift experience, otherwise known as a ‘spiritual facial treatment’. This is a celebrity favourite and has had many reviews raving about this new method of reflexology. If you would love to read more click here

This method of facial reflexology is built on a combination of Native American techniques and Asian body maps that chart the reflex points on the face. The face’s proximity to the brain is key to the effectiveness of manipulating facial reflex points which directly connect to the body’s neuro-pathways. Facial reflexology can be a wonderful therapy to help identify reflexes out of balance and to help you improve your health and well-being.

From 2 September 2019 I will be offering this treatment at Springwell Clinic. If you would love to book in advance, please click here. 

New Hours from 1 September 2019

Due to a recalibration of my life, I have had to make some changes to my hours and days at the clinic and mobile for reflexology. It does mean I become more limited on my availability and I apologise for this. 

Mixed with a house move and a new offering work wise in combination with my reflexology it’s a busy time for me and I have had to pull back on some business hours. ​​New hours are posted in the picture, on social media and my website. I will also only be available 3 Saturday’s per month rather than 4. But be rest assured, I will still be around and will always find the time and energy to give beautiful treatments. They do truly make my heart sing. 

I wish you all a loving and expansive renewal this month. Step forward into the light, it’s exceptionally beautiful.