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Welcome back to HVR!

You have no idea how much I love seeing each and every one of you. The HVR community is back!

Treatment room, Marlow Buckinghamshire

What a pleasure it is to return once again. I have returned in full swing and here to assist you on finding balance and wellbeing from my reflexology treatments. If you’re new, welcome and thank you for choosing me. If you’re a loyal fan, thank you for your continued support to HVR and your ongoing wellbeing journey. It has been overwhelming that you have chosen me as your healer. 

A Bit about Me

I have a lot of new followers and subscribers, so I thought this was a good opportunity to introduce myself. 

I’m a native New Zealander and local of Buckinghamshire for over 5 years now. I love living here and I’m asked plenty of times why I moved over because typically it would be the other way around! I followed a gut feeling that nagged me for years and it took time with a lot of hurdles and I am pleased to be very grateful for my happy settled life in Buckinghamshire with a partner and our dog.

I trained in reflexology in 2017 and qualified in early 2018. This is my 4th year offering the foot and facial treatments I adore. I wanted to be a reflexologist since I was 16 years old. ‘Why’ you ask me again. All I can say is another gut feeling to walk this path, a calling, a spiritual journey that developed over the years that could no longer be ignored. 

A single mum at 19 years old, I hit the job front in the corporate world to ensure we survived. But the nagging feeling continued and it wasn’t until I was 40 years that I finally committed to my new life. 

I find working in my passion to be the most empowering decision I ever made in life. Loving what I do shows through in my enthusiasm for my craft and I love every single client I attract into my treatment rooms. The bonds that are made are so special to me as I help them enhance their wellbeing. 

So my motto of my introduction is to always follow that nagging gut feeling, listen deeply, it’s your calling. 

Welcome, and I hope to see you all soon into either treatment room very soon. 

Hayley xxx

HVR current hours

These are my current hours below. Some of you may know I am committed to the NHS vaccination rollout booking service working with clinical governance. So this means my week is limited to 3 full days in HVR at the moment. I am hoping by August that this will change and I will start offering Saturdays. Once a month in Marlow and twice a month in Steeple Claydon. I will keep you updated.

In other news

  • I am also an ambassador for the beautiful Tropic Skincare range and I use the beautiful range of products in all of my treatments. All products are freshly made, cruelty free, vegan and natural. These are all important factors I consider when I look after the external layer of my body for ultimate wellness. I am available for advice and purchase via myself or my Tropic skincare website.
  • Coming soon: A booking scheduler – I will be rolling this out firstly as text message reminders for your appointments then I will progress onto an online booking system. Bear with me, I’m working all of this out bit by bit. Changing newsletter platform has been enough this month! 

Thank you for your ongoing support and I look forward to seeing you in one of my treatment rooms very soon!

Much love Hayley xx